Monday, February 7, 2011

Calico Trail

IMG_1283IMG_1281An easy hike turned into a rock climb when we veered off the beaten path.  We opted for the rocky terrain of Calico Trail in the Red Rock Canyon located 15 miles west of Las Vegas.  The large boulders are a bit of a strrrretccch for my short legs.  Mike had…no problem.
As he always reminds me, “No hill for a stepper.”


  1. Didn't get to do that trail but I hear it is great. Being short doesn't really bother me but I find hiking out here can be a challenge for short legs!!

  2. I'm with you Terry. 5'1" and have trouble with the boulder fields. Tell Mike to stopo being cute :-)


  3. I am 5'1" too and it is tough. I am usually on my butt to touch down on the other side of the boulder. LOL


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