Monday, February 14, 2011

Nature’s Crematorium

Prior to visiting Death Valley National Park, I imagined a barren place with only sand dunes and salt flats.  I figured the National Park designation was probably the result of the government administration’s malicious compliance to meet a park set-aside quota of some type.

IMG_1296Our approach to the Valley from Pahrump descended from 3,000 feet rapidly down to almost 300 feet below sea level.  Pop. Pop. Pop. Our ears took some adjustment to equalize to the new elevation. 

IMG_1299The view that opened up as we drove down into the Valley is nothing like we imagined.  It is like a beautiful science fiction fantasy landscape with earthly tones of red, gray, tan and verdigris painting the sinewy hills and craggy cliffs--all set in front of a neon blue sky.  The flat valley floor of tainted water shimmering in the sun, sand dunes, and cracked salt flats stretched out of sight.  The out of this world scenery made us wonder if we would to see the two moons of Mars above in the sky at any moment.

I asked Mike if he thought we could find fossils on some of the trails since long ago this place was a sea bed.  “The only fossil we’ll find is sitting right next to you, Terry”.  Pretty funny, Mr. Main.

We are glad we made the trip to Death Valley National Park.

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  1. We agree, Death Valley has that other worldly quality.


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