Thursday, February 24, 2011


IMG_1353Zion National Park is one ginormous canyon with multi-colored cliffs reaching 3,000 feet.  As we drive through the park, our faces are cranked skyward and our necks are sore after hours of looking “up”.  Sheer cliffs with crazy rock climbers (look closely at the picture below—see the climbers?) and hikes that are carved into the rocky mountainside.  If you do not have a fear of heights, you will be afraid on some of these trails—narrow paths with loose sand and pebbles—sheer side up and sheer cliff down.  We may complete some of the moderate hikes, but the serious stuff we are leaving alone.

IMG_1352This time of year the Virgin River is full and has some energy behind the rapids.  Many of the trails parallel the river and you are able to enjoy the sounds of rushing water.  In fact, our campground is on the river and our site overlooks the water.  The location is good and bad.  In January, after 10 days and nights of heavy rain, the river flooded and the RV Resort was emergency evacuated at 2 a.m. in morning.  Hopefully, this is something we can avoid.

We are here until March 8.  With the exception of a couple of days, the weather looks warm and sunny.  Things are looking…..UP!


  1. I loved Zion. We were there in December when the Virgin River flooded, didn't know it flooded again in January. In December they actually closed the park for a couple days. We had to make an emergency exit from our Rv resort at 3 am. We were in Vegas picking up our kids at the time, it was pretty scary. We were at the Zion River Resort right on the river it is a great place to stay. Hope the weather cooperates. Our favorite hike was actually at the Kolob Canyon entrance to the park, called the Taylor Creek Trail. It follows the creek for several miles and you keep crossing back and forth across the creek. It was beautiful.

  2. The front office mentioned flooding in January, but I wonder if they meant December. Hopefully, it didn't flood twice! We are in Site 50 with a view of the river. It rained here two nights over the weekend and I worried each night about flooding. Scary stuff. The weather was sunny today; maybe we can make it to the Kolob Canyon entrance later this week. Beautiful National Park.

  3. I think I may be lost. Are you guys staying in the National Park or are you still in the state park? We are leaving april 1 to move in that direction but when I tried to get a spot at Zion there was nothing until mid August. Whew...sounds too hot to me.


  4. We are staying in Virgin, UT about 12 miles from Zion National Park at the Zion River RV Resort. Really nice RV resort. Definitely too hot in August. It is a little cool now with a dusting of snow, but sunny skies.


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