Thursday, February 10, 2011

Learning through Movies

King's SpeechIf you have not seen “The King’s Speech”, I would highly recommend seeing.  We caught the matinee today at the Town Square Theater (nice high back, reclining seats).  To use my Brit friends’ expression, it was brilliant.  If Colin Firth does not win the Best Actor award at the Academy Awards; well, then the voting has really missed the mark.  Colin Firth  plays  King George VI, who, to overcome his stammer, goes to Lionel Logue, an unorthodox speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush. The two men become friends as they work together, and after his brother abdicates, the King relies on Logue to help him make a radio broadcast at the beginning of the Second World War.

Lately (by coincidence), we have been watching movies that involve places we have visited this last year.  Granted much of the movie historical facts are embellished for Hollywood promotion, but they do have a basis and it makes our destinations that much more interesting.

“Bugsy” – Bugsy Siegel and the Las Vegas casino beginnings

“Chinatown” – Southern California and the greed/need for water (forget the scene with Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson, “She’s my daughter”, slap, “She’s my sister”, slap, “She’s my daughter” – that was just weird.)

“The King’s Speech” – Wallis Simpson’s involvement with the Duke of Windsor and the resulting abdication of the throne (remember our visit to Coronado Island and the Wallis Simpson presence?).    We also think the film scene with the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson listening to the radio broadcast was located at the Hearst Castle.

This is such a fun way to learn about our past, that we will probably be on the lookout for more movies like this.  Tell us if you have seen a movie that you think does a good job describing the history of a place. 

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