Monday, February 28, 2011

Bev Doolittle Painting

“We may complete some of the moderate hikes, but the serious stuff we are leaving alone.”

altRemember the words above?  I wrote them last Thursday.  Not only did we tackle a strenuous hike today, but we did in snow and ice.  The scenery up high is too tempting to ignore.  So, we purchased “Studded Snow Tires” for our feet (that is the name of the product, I did not make it up); and grabbed our hats, coats, and gloves.  Hiking up the narrow switchbacks was not bad, as long as you did not look down.  I was a little nervous coming back down, but the cleats provided ample traction.  We went up the cliff about three-quarters of the way.  Good enough.

Combined with another hike to Weeping Rock today (picture below looks out from underneath the Weeping Rock), we got some good exercise.

IMG_1365Besides hiking, we drove on up to the mile-long tunnel in the park.  The tunnel is very narrow and only 13 feet high.  Driving our truck through today, we had to pull the mirrors in to avoid hitting the tunnel side.  When we leave on March 8, we will make arrangements to drive through the tunnel in the middle of the road with our 5th wheel RV.  For $15, you are flagged through as one-way traffic.  Our RV is 12 feet, 6 inches high. 

You may wonder why we are here in the snow.  In late spring and summer, Zion National Park is hot and CROWDED.  After April 1, you are not allowed to drive your vehicle into the park; instead you are required to ride a shuttle with stops at the popular attractions. 

We would rather have chilly, but sunny days; and the freedom the explore the park without the crush of tourists.  By the way, our campground is 12 miles from Zion National Park with no snow and considerably warmer.


  1. Boy you are brave hiking in cleats. I had no idea one could not go into Zion except on a Shuttle bus. No wonder everyone wants to camp inside the park. Thanks for the heads up.


  2. I think you can drive 'through' Zion NP, but the scenic drive portion (it t's into the main road) is shuttle only after April 1. The cleats weren't bad, but after getting so high it got a little scary (for me, anyway).


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