Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Resolution–Project 333

Project333I know many of you do not understand my obsession with downsizing the wardrobe.  All I can say is, it is freeing.  I can easily pack all my clothing into a couple of bags and it is out the door (one bag if the shoes and coats are limited).  No need to think about what coordinates with what or making choices.  It fits.  The basic colors work—scarves & buffs add more color and pattern.  It is comfortable.  It can be dressed up or down.  Perfect.

Living in the RV for almost two years (and I could easily have continued full-time) taught us you truly do not need much to enjoy life.

So, I am recapping the results of my 2012 resolution a.k.a Project 333 (  If you recall, the goal was to avoid buying any new clothing or sell clothing on eBay or on consignment to cover any purchases.  Clothing was trimmed to a happy 34 items (not quite 33, and I do not count jewelry, scarves, under garments,  outerwear and specialty sportswear like golf shoes); technically, the project outline calls for 33 items for 3 months--I am trying to live with 34 all year.  I can report that not only did that happen, but I convinced my husband to join the effort and we are actually $277 to the good (he still has a looong way to get down to 33).  Meaning we have sold more than we bought.  And this does not count what I currently have at the consignment store (collection of money occurs in February).  I have a few more coats and shoes to sell on eBay, too.

This was a great experiment and will continue into 2013; and hopefully, indefinitely. Only keep what fits and what you love. Live with what you have.  Little time wasted in stores.  Plenty of storage in the closet.   I could get on my soapbox and explain why everyone needs to change, but I think you can figure it out (landfill issues, overspending, feeding the China machine, etc.)

We will keep the ball rolling with the wardrobe, but we have a new and different resolution for 2013 that will a bit more challenging.  I will explain our new goal on January 1 blog post.  For some reason, when committing to paper you tend to stick with the resolution.  Interesting.

If you are interested in Project 333 or in the minimalist movement, here are a few links below you will find helpful and enjoy.     Believe me, the” less is more” was not always our philosophy, but now shedding the un-necessary is really liberating.  (Up until five years ago I kept every pay stub since I started working—37 years worth—really?  Why?)

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