Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution for 2013–Zero Waste Home

Okay, roll your eyes upward and shake your head…here’s this year’s resolution…

The Olympic Peninsula does not actually have a landfill--our garbage is taken to a transfer station and then shipped to somewhere in eastern Oregon.  Knowing the impact trash has on our area and understanding the amount of waste everyone produces across the country, we are stepping up our effort to reduce our small carbon footprint.  Our resolution for 2013 will be to work towards a zero waste home; or more realistically reduce our waste to a bag of trash a month by the end of the year. 

But, before you think we are going too granola, there are other selfish goals we are hoping to gain by doing this.  Fewer trips to take out the garbage, reduced cost for trash pickup, lower grocery costs by buying “scratch” products without packaging, and maybe lose a few pounds by avoiding processed foods which are usually double-wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

Inspiration for this goal came from an article on the Sunset magazine website and presented in a video, “Zero Waste Home”.  Some of the ideas are not appetizing to us, such as asking the grocer to place “wet” food items (meats, cheeses) into glass jars you bring to the store.  Just.  Cannot.  Do.  It.  The best we can do is have the meat items wrapped in wax paper rather than a plastic tray and cellophaned. 

Each week on Wednesday, “No Waste Wednesdays”, I will highlight a new tactic we try to reach our goal.  The new habit may be abandoned if it is not working, but at least we will give it a go.  Love to inspire you to do the same.  Some of this will be difficult and some methods, I suspect, will be surprisingly easy.

Come on, give it a try!

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