Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fishing the Dungeness

DungenessRiver_WinterJanuary is Steelhead fishing on the Dungeness River.  Less than 2 miles from our home—a beautiful rushing river with deep pools waiting for resting fish.  Mike is ready.  Special reel and pole.  Check.  Winter waders.  Check.  Waterproof, green fishing jacket.  Check. 

We spent the morning hiking along the river noting the best spots for fishing.  Great trail with little side paths to get to the river.  Moderate temperatures around 42-45 degrees with sun peeking over the snow-covered mountains in the distance. 

Pinch me, is this real or just a dream?


  1. It is real! Now....since we have just started following your blog, where in the world is Dungeness?

    1. The Dungeness River is located on the Olympic Peninsula of northwestern Washington State. The river flows northward about 30 miles from the base of Mount Deception in the Olympic Mountains to the Strait of Juan De Fuca near the town of Sequim.


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