Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Bus Babes in PA (and The Coles–8th Installment)

Not Pennsylvania, but Port Angeles.  Everyone living on the Olympic Peninsula refers to Port Angeles as PA.  It is only 14 miles to PA; but with the price of fuel, the bus was still cheaper.  The Bus Babes rode the bus to downtown and up to Webster’s Woods Art Gallery.

BusBabesinPA“It was a fun day exploring shops, galleries, the Fine Arts Center, and having lunch with my fellow ‘Bus Babes’.  Even the weather cooperated once again.  Thanks, girls!”  -Nancy

I agree, Nancy!  Great Day!  And thanks for the pic, Lyn.  I was a little lazy with the picture taking.

A note on the 8th Installment of The Coles (refer to the last 7 blog posts).  I know I left you hanging and Elizabeth still has some major challenges in her life, but I would like to post some pictures of her.  My cousin (second cousin, that is) is sending a few photographs.  Don’t forget me, Tom!

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