Saturday, December 22, 2012


IMG_2307Well, you probably figured out we are not traveling this winter.  Last year’s trip across the country to Florida and back was a bit over the top.  Close to 10,000 miles traveled.  Not only did the fuel prices increase more than expected, but we had vehicle issues along the way.  Did not write about the problems in the blog last year—who wants to relive all that?  Actually bought a new truck when we were in Florida!  Mike likes his new truck, Ford F450 (that is an understatement).

So, we are taking a break this year.  Sorry.  We are feeling a little bummed about it, too.

The good news is, it is not so bad here on the Olympic Peninsula in the winter.  In fact, it is pretty darn nice.  Lots of parties and festivities.  And contrary to what you might think, the weather is really mild near the Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend area.  On the day “the world came to an end” or a.k.a. the Mayan April Fool’s Day, we experienced sun shine and temperatures near 50 degrees. 

It is just as well to stay put; we need to catch up with big chores.  Continued downsizing the belongings—selling on eBay, Goodwill, and giving away.  Digitized all our photos from the last 40 years (saved to three locations and then tossed!)  Inventoried all belongings and documented (details, photo, and scanned receipt attached to each item) on a free application called “What You Own”.  Not fun, but needed.  Does feel great to get things under control and organized, though.

We are planning our next year travels and possibly renting the house so we can enjoy extended travel time.  Now, this is fun!

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