Thursday, December 6, 2012

Minimalist Christmas Decorating

ChristmasTreeFor the last five years, we have passed on decorating for Christmas.  And honestly, it has not been missed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting friends and family with elaborate ornaments and clever displays.  Their treasures are lovingly purchased or passed down from generation to generation.  It is fun to hear personal stories of Christmas past (or the retelling of them on family visits).  And if there are young children, it is wonderful to watch their expressions and shrieks of joy when they are surrounded by all the color.

DSC_0125 (6)But, living with a lot of blinking lights and holiday smalls on a daily basis for over a month, makes us crazy.  We have tried over the years, but it feels so chaotic (to us).  This year we are decorating in our new home, but with a minimalist approach.  Enough to make guests feel festive.  What you see in the pictures are all we have remaining; everything else was sold or given away.

ChristmasSmallsEasy to set up, a little “greenage”, a few smalls, and quick to put away on December 26th.  [The Christmas stockings are vintage quilts repurposed with faux fur from coats used for the tops—purchased about 25 years ago.]  Very little storage needed.  With the exception of the little tree, we use it in our RV, too (if that is where we are living during the winter).

Not for everyone.  It works for us.  Christmas enjoyed without too much fuss.

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