Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canyonlands National Park

IMG_1702You would think if you saw one canyon in Utah you have seen them all.  It is not so.  They are all so unique with slickrock mounds, canyon within canyon as far as you can see, eroded rocks looking like totem poles and rocks so red you would think they are on fire.  We are getting so spoiled on our hikes.  Each one is special and around each bend of the trail you see something new. 

Two hikes in Canyonlands National Park today, Whale Back Trail and First Outlook trail.  First Outlook has a vista of what?  No one knows what it is.  Some speculate that it is a salt dome from a long-ago sea that has eroded and collapsed over time; others think it was a hit from a giant meteor.  Use your imagination.

See the little spot of a human figure in the picture below…Mike.  In fact, the picture is a little misleading the sides not seen in the photo keep going down another 100 feet or so.

IMG_1705I never thought I was afraid of heights, but that was before I experienced the cliffs and high places in the Utah canyons.  I have to say without the man-made railings; I hyperventilate a bit on the narrow paths and pitched grade of the slick rock.  I can hike it, but I am slow.  And the high elevation of the area, makes my lungs burn a bit, as I suck in the thinner air.  If it was not for Mike’s adventuresome spirit, I am not sure I would be so game.  But, I am glad he is and pushes me to follow; I am seeing some amazing sights and have a great feeling of accomplishment as I finish each hike.  Life Elevated.




Everyone enjoys the vistas, from the Harley riders to the hikers.

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