Friday, April 22, 2011

Capitol Gorge Scenic Drive & Hike

IMG_1757We have relocated to Capital Reef National Park for a week.  First stop this morning to the Capitol Reef National Park Visitor Center for my National Park Passport stamp and hiking trail information.  The park is situated on a giant fold in the earth which tips the rock cliffs at 45 degree angles looking like upturned faces enjoying the last warm rays of the setting sun.

Just past the Visitor Center we drove the 10 mile scenic drive winding through the narrow canyon of Capitol Gorge.  At the end, we parked the truck and hiked up the gorge with a short rock scramble  to the “tanks”.  The red slickrock has large dimples in areas collecting water from the last rain—they are called tanks.  We are told the water is filled with lots of life, although all we could see were swimming insects. [The picture above is a canyon offshoot from the trail.  I was not paying attention to my picture taking today—there were better things to photograph, like the tanks, but I spaced out.  Sorry.]

Torrey UT RVOur new RV Park, Thousands Lakes RV, is located in Torrey, Utah and we have wonderful views of the red rock cliffs and the green tree line of the nearby forest starting at a little higher elevation (we are already at 8,000 feet).  Great park with wide, grassy sites.  They also have the local bakery deliver freshly made muffins each morning….nice.


  1. delivered bakery??? OMG, i would be in heaven! :)

  2. Looks beautiful. Another NP for my list.


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