Saturday, April 9, 2011


We arrived in Moab, Utah a few days ago on Thursday.  The morning drive was calm, but raining.  By the time we reached our RV Park (Portal RV Resort), the wind was starting to pick up.  We got settled in and went downtown to the Slickrock Café for a quick bite.  

IMG_1667The wind and rain just will not leave, but we were anxious to get familiar with our surroundings. We were also nervous that the government budget issues would affect our visits to the two nearby national parks (the national parks will close if the federal budget is not approved within the next few days), Arches and Canyonlands, so we went for at least a road trip through the Arches National Park yesterday.  Absolute phenomenal sights—from “fin” rocks (narrow rock formations reaching many stories high) to over 2,000 arches.  We were surprised to pass lots of bicyclers braving the wind.  I always wonder what brings the athletes to an area like this.  Are they on vacation in Moab?  Do they live in Moab for the outdoor challenges and natural beauty and earn a few coins waitressing?  Are they all a large group training for an upcoming event? 

[When I took the photo above, the wind was howling making it difficult for me to hold my hand still.]

We are excited to hike in the parks and around the Moab area and next week starting Monday the weather is supposed to cooperate with no wind and sunny skies in the mid-70 degrees.  And it appears as of this morning that the federal budget is back on track, so our plans are back on track, as well.

Since it is another indoor day today, we will visit the hip, little shops of Moab and enjoy a meal out at one of their many restaurants. 

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  1. Good thing for all of us that they passed at least enough to keep us going for a week. We are in a COE park and Thursday the ranger came by to say if they didn't get it done he would be here first thing in the morning to let us all out and then would be locking the gate. Luckily that didn't happen and now we can leave tomorrow as planned. The weather has been crazy, the wind just keeps blowing. We are suppose to get high winds again today. Hope it is calm with blue skies for you. I'm anxious to see more photos!


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