Friday, April 15, 2011

Devil’s Garden

IMG_1743Hiked through Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park—gravity defying rock arches and fin rock formations that look like skyscrapers.  (Partition Arch in the left picture)  We got to the trail head early, but when we completed the trail and were walking out there were hordes of people—mostly parents and kids—arriving.  The parking lot was jammed up.  Just how long do they string out spring break?  Come on…

IMG_1729So, far we have to say Arches National Park is our favorite of the Grand Circle of National Parks/Monuments through northern Arizona and Utah.  (Navajo Arche in the picture at right)  Although, we have been told that we will like Capital Reef National Park and/or Bryce Canyon National Park even more.  Bring it on!

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