Monday, April 11, 2011

Morning Glory Bridge

IMG_1673Moab has over 40 hikes in the area, and that is not counting Canyonlands National Park.  Yesterday, we picked the hike to the Morning Glory Bridge.  It is not a man-made bridge, but a rather large rock bridge at the end of 2 mile hike up a very pretty little canyon just 4 miles from our RV Park.  The trail follows an active creek that spills into the Colorado River. 

IMG_1681The trail is very popular with locals and their dogs.  The dogs love the jumping in the creek, and the barking echoes loudly off the canyon walls.  Dogs are fun to watch when they are in their element—no holding back when it is time for play—jump multiple times in the water, shake, roll in the sand and do it all over again. 

When we reached the arch, there was a group of “canyoneers” rappelling from the top of the arch.  They were trying to convince us to try, but….no…that is not going to happen.

Today, we finally took the truck to the car wash and got rid of all the red rock silt that seems to stick like glue to everything.  Everyone else seems to have the same problem, there were bicycles, jeeps, and motorcycles all washing the crud off.  I guess that is what happens when you play outdoors.  You get a little dirty.

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