Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Following the Weather

MonthlyTempAveOur travel planning considers the average temperature for the month (60-70 degrees is our goal), the distance between locations, nice place to park our RV, and activities of interest in the area.  The weather part of the equation can be tricky.  A mean average is just that, an average, and we have learned the calculation of weather averages in the State of Utah can often be the combination of extremes. 

The last two days in Torrey, Utah we have experienced warm balmy temperatures, extremely cold temperatures, wind, hail, lightening, and yes, even blowing snow.  Today, all of this has happened within a few hours!   Weather.com predicted that we should experience an average of 65 degrees in the month of April. 

Guess what?   Tomorrow is predicted at 65 degrees, no wind, not an average.  Take that, Mr. Weather-dot-com!

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