Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bee Movie

The Myrtlewood Gallery looks to be a small shop from the outside, but when you walk through the door, you are amazed at the volume and variety of "things made of wood".   There are a number of fine art woodworkers selling in the gallery with everything from small wooden spoons to rocking chairs. My favorites included a floor lamp shaped in art deco style, a coffee table shaped as a crab pot with a carved octopus inside, and wall art textured as coral and fish.  There was so much, it was difficult to take it all in.  So much imagination and talent.

A short walk from the Myrtlewood Gallery is the The Bee Hive.  Once inside the store, we quickly learned there are many, many flavors of honey--blackberry honey, kvik thistle honey, Smith River berry honey--to name a few.  You're able to sample them all, and Smith River honey was our favorite.  Behind a discrete door on one wall of the shop, is a bee hive behind glass; the bees enter the glass hive through a small outside pipe.  As you leave the store and walk past the side of the building, you are blasted by the bees racing to and from the pipe.  It was like Highway 101 for bees.  There are "Bee Crossing" warning signs (which we didn't see until we were bombarded with bees).

Again, Reedsport was sunny and warm; yet two miles away Winchester Bay is foggy and windy.  It's beautiful here, but this wind has to stop.  Please.

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