Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Life A Little Easier

Our Splendide combo washer-dryer is one of the best things we bought for life on the road.  Laundromats are expensive, time-consuming and who knows what was in the wash before our load.  With a washer-dryer in our RV, we can simply throw a load in, add detergent/softener, set the controls, and fo'giddaboutit. This unit washes AND dries--automatically.  Unbelievably, it is also quieter and gentler on our clothes.  Great purchase.

We purposely lived in our 5th wheel for five months before we hit the road; the time gave us a chance to organize, purge items we really didn't need, and buy what we did need.  One of the "needed" items was the washer-dryer and we were able to have the unit installed prior to leaving.  Our 5th wheel has a closet with the appropriate plumbing and sized exactly to fit a Splendide washer-dryer.  And we still have room above to use as a coat closet.  Perfect! 

Another walk on the Oregon Coast beach today.  Lots of sunshine and the water sparkles like diamonds. And a clean, dry load of whites when we arrived home!

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  1. Really like your blog and looked back to the beginning to see if I could follow your journey in starting to full time, determine what 5th wheel you have and info about how you started out. Is that some place else or not at all?


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