Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Fog

The fog hovers all day here, the low clouds look like smoke weaving in and out of the RV units, keeping the temperature down to a cool 60-some degrees.  It feels good to breathe the moist clean air blown off the ocean.  I like the fog, but we've been waiting all week for a sunny day to go down to the beach.  Well, we went anyway for our daily hour walk this morning.  That was some thick fog, let me tell you.  Our hair was wet, the hair on our arms had dew, and I've never had my eyelashes so saturated before--my mascara smeared everywhere.  But, it wasn't cold; it was a warm, humid type of fog.  In a strange way, we enjoyed our walk.  It felt like you had the beach all to yourself--you couldn't see another soul.

Today, we planned spaghetti for dinner with some freshly made bread from the local bakery.  It is an easy bike ride to most everything here including the bakery, the post office, the market, a few restaurants, and gift shop.  We rode our bikes to the bakery and picked up some warm bread and garlic butter (which smelled very good on our ride back through the fog).  The bike path takes you by the marina, over a little wooden bridge and around a few small homes.  It seems very....European.  So, with that last thought I'll say, Au Revoir, until tomorrow!

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