Saturday, July 31, 2010

Port Orford's Secret

Port Orford, Oregon is a small, unassuming town located on the southern Oregon coast.  Most people quickly pass through as they travel Highway 101 missing one of the most impressive views on the Oregon coast.  Starting at the Coast Guard Museum, the Port Orford Heads State Park has trails leading out to several high viewpoints.  The weather on the Oregon coast has been unpredictable, but today the wind was relatively calm and the coastal fog lifted--allowing you to see for miles in all directions.  Along the trails are strategically placed benches donated by others who also enjoyed this view.

It is obvious not many people know about the views at the headlands.  We were the only hikers allowing us to leisurely sit and soak up the sun.  You can tell from my picture on the right that trails are carved right into the side of the steep hills. 
Today's weather put a smile on Mike's face.

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  1. I know I don't comment on here much but I just wanted to let you know I do read what you post and love the pics! These are great on this particular, the colors are great and I love the scenery!!!!


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