Thursday, July 8, 2010

Golf Fix - Reedsport, Oregon

Reedsport, Oregon has a nice 9-hole golf course called Forest Hills Country Club.  Mike took off at 10 this morning for 18 holes.  Not only was the price reasonable at $30, but the weather was sunny and warm.  Reedsport is only 2 miles from our location at Winchester Bay, but the difference in temperature is remarkable.  It can be from 5 - 10 degrees warmer in Reedsport and usually clear skies while Winchester Bay typically stays foggy until mid-morning.  The picture on the left is a deer casually eating lunch near the 5th hole.  Our home town golf courses (the dry side of Washington State) usually have wild life in the form of rattlesnakes and coyotes.  I think I like the deer better.

While Mike golfs, I'm using the time to reacquaint myself with sketching.  It has been years since I set aside time to draw and I find it very relaxing and rewarding.  I'm horrible, but I am hoping I will improve with time and practice.  I can't bring myself to sit in front of a "live" subject and draw--I'm too self-conscious.  So, I grab my trusty little digital camera, take pictures of persons, places and things that might be fun to sketch and then work from the photos.  If the drawings become recognizable, maybe I'll post one now and then.

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