Wednesday, July 28, 2010

White Water Thrills

What a ride!  The Rogue River trip started at Gold Beach and took us up the river 52 miles (104 miles roundtrip).  We left the dock at 8 a.m. this morning in the middle of a thunderstorm with hail, no less.  Not to worry, farther up the river the rain and hail stopped and the air became warmer, much warmer. 

In the picture on the left, we are in the fourth row from the front, far left side.  Mike is the tall dude with the gray hair and I'm the short gal with a round face (next to the rail)--smiles all around.  

Jeff, our pilot, was phenomenal.  His grandfather started the company, Jerry's Rogue Jets, and Jeff has been driving for 24 years.  And boy can he handle a boat.  After 30 miles up the river, there are a number of healthy rapids and the large jet boat (carries 35 passengers) splashed through each one.  If a rubber tarp had not been available, everyone would be soaked.  We were drenched, anyway.  (Note:  Jerry's Rogue Jet has a fleet of jet boats running up and down the Rogue River.)

The trip was not only about the thrill of the boat ride, but viewing nature at its best.  Along the way, we saw three black bears--one with two cubs--osprey, several eagles (one young eagle enjoyed flying along side the boat for a bit), otter, deer, wild cows (just kidding), and turkey vultures (not kidding--they are disgusting). 

The boat stopped for lunch at 12:30 at Singing Springs Resort.  Lunch was served on a deck overlooking the river.  Nothing fancy, a basic buffet and salad bar.  Why is it food tastes so good when you've been playing outdoors all day?

Many people have recommended this trip, including Mike's parents, and we definitely give it two thumbs up!!


  1. Might have to try this one day when Montana gets a tad older.


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