Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oogle, Google

My brother read our blog and e-mailed me to ask if I thought the Pacific City Haystack Rock was larger than the Cannon Beach Haystack Rock. I e-mailed back to say I didn’t know, but I would check it out. He wrote the little “LOL” (laugh out loud) lingo, and said okay .

What was this world like before Google? How did we know anything?

You can Google for any information, anytime, anywhere. I think I’ve increased my I.Q. ten-fold since I found Google. Or at least, if I access Google, I can say I’m smarter….LOL.

I’ve searched topics from Atlantic City down the alphabet to Zeke’s Coffee. Google has made a bigger impact on my post-school education than, well, anything.  And I'm certain that our travels have been enhanced by the information available online.  Before each new location, we search for nearby sights, narrow streets to avoid and personal reviews of persons, places and things.

Oh, and by the way (wait, I should write…BTW), Pacific City has the biggest “Haystack” rock (327 feet), but Cannon Beach has the biggest “Haystack” rock (235 feet) accessible by land. So, another bit of knowledge I picked up today was be sure to read thoroughly what you research…LOL!

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