Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ah-Pah Trail

IMG_0546One last short walk in the Redwood National Park on the Ah-Pah Interpretive Trail.   You can not call it a hike since it was only a half mile, a stroll through the redwoods was more like it.   We took our travel gnome there to say one last good-bye to his cousin “Red”.  We’re leaving tomorrow morning for the Humboldt Redwoods State Park about 100 miles south of here. 

IMG_0543Oh,  I have learned so much about redwoods these past few weeks that I was able to pinpoint the year my mother was born on the appropriate tree ring (see picture on right).  That will get a rise out her—I will probably get a phone call tomorrow morning when she reads our blog.  Good thing I am hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

We have really enjoyed and appreciated our coastal northern California visit.  All across the country the weather has been sweltering, and here it has barely reached 65 degrees each day.  We had a beautiful view from our back window of forested hills.  Every evening and on to the morning the fog rolled up the hills, burning off by noon.  Really pleasant.  I will miss it, but we’re ready to move on!

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