Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surfboards @ Costco

You know you are in California when you find surfboards for sale at Costco…

We drove to Eureka today to visit the Lithia dealer.  When we purchased our Ford F350 in 2004 from Lithia Ford in Richland, Washington, we also bought their lifetime oil change package.   The purchase has been well worth the money for us.   As long as we find a Lithia dealer, we’ll have free oil changes along with a fresh filter.

Eureka, California is not an impressive town—a little grimy and down on its luck (maybe the recent legalization of medicinal marijuana will give it a shot in the arm).

But, it did have one bright spot—a cute little restaurant called Brick & Fire.  The best pizza ever.

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  1. Tell Mike that is the cheesiest grin I have ever seen! LOL Sounds like you guys are enjoying life and I am so happy for you! Headed to Indiana on Friday and going to have Montana's 4 year pics taken while we are back there, check out my blog for the pics next week! Tell Mike hi!


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