Saturday, August 28, 2010

Be Thirsty, My Friend

IMG_0635After Mike got a great haircut at Bloom Salon in downtown Napa this afternoon (thank you, Maria!), we walked over t0 the Napa Blues, Brews & BBQ.   There were three musical stages, but our favorite was the one playing good, ‘ole Stevie Ray Vaughn (man, I miss that guy).  We picked up  a couple of glasses of wine from The Bounty Hunter winery booth and enjoyed the afternoon.

IMG_0649 I have no idea how we lucked out, but we ended up sitting in the rib-eating contest area right behind the contestants.  Ten Napa Valley winemakers sat down elbow to elbow and devoured as many ribs as they could in a limited time.  Not your conventional way to watch a contest, but it was a fun, different perspective.  The girls are holding up signs indicating how many ribs have been eaten by each contestant.
IMG_0638Forget all the fancy micro-brews, Mike’s favorite is Coors Light.  Of course, there were two Coors Light girls and Mike jumped in for his picture.  Knowing this is Smitty’s favorite brew, this one is for you buddy!  Wish you and Judy were here!  (Have you noticed how all the poses these days have the Paris Hilton stance?  Interesting.  Maybe I will try it for my next few pictures…will it make me look slimmer?)


  1. I noticed Paris was picked up on a cocaine charge a couple of days ago - maybe that is what keeps her slimmer?? :) Anyway, I've never found the "slimmer" pose.

    We were at Blues, Brews and BBQ last year. It was over 100 degrees and all attendees were crammed into the small amount of shade available. Needless to say, we didn't last long - too bad. :(

  2. I doubt that the Paris pose will work for me, either. Sigh...

    We got lucky with the Blues, Brews & BBQ--the weather was in the high 70's. Perfect.


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