Friday, August 27, 2010

Tapping Into Napa Valley

IMG_0621Looking for a rustic dining table on wheels made with Napa winery markings? How about unusual flavored meat rubs like Fennel Spice? We found these and more at Napastyle in Yountville, California (that’s me in the picture “going in”).  In a vine-covered brick building with wood-beamed ceilings, former Food Network chef Michael Chiarello offers his idea of Napa style.  And I am a fan.  Although Napa Valley and Yountville, in particular, are the epitome of yuppie-ville and mucho dinero, I still love the flavors and decor that says Napa casual. 

IMG_0619Restaurants are everywhere in this small town from the medium priced to the wildly expensive.  The famous French Laundry restaurant is located in Yountville—eating here would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience—just can’t bring myself to spend $500 on dinner for two.  I did not take picture of the restaurant for fear they would charge for the image (just kidding, I was just too lazy to pull out the camera).  We chose “instead” to eat at Pacific Blues which is a happening little place positioned for great people watching from their deck.   (Picture of Pacific Blues on right, the two-story building in the distance is the old rail station.)

By the way, I splurged on a tin of coarse salt, “Jurassic Salt” for $12.50.   I am walking away with my idea of Napa style (and a price tag I can afford).

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