Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got Redwood?

DSCN0133This afternoon was sunny, but it is not the norm for the Redwood forest.  The Coast Redwoods require an enormous amount of moisture to survive.  According to the literature we received from the visitor center, a single old-growth coast redwood tree consumes up to 500 gallons of water each day!  It rains a lot in the winter; but in the summer, the trees depend on fog.
We are both blown away by the magnificence of the Redwoods.  The tallest trees in the world.  You almost need to lay on the ground to see the tree tops.  The bark is reddish brown and the rough bark reminds me of a licorice twist.  Not the color, I’m talking about the texture.

DSCN0129We took the Coastal Drive in the morning.  It is a narrow road with steep hills and curves--mostly gravel.  The views can be stunning, but our timing was off.  We hit the thickest fog when we took this drive.  No point taking pictures…

 IMG_0464The Coastal Drive turned into the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway.  There are a number of trails off the parkway,  and we stopped to hike from the Prairie Creek Visitor Center (Prairie Creek Redwood State Park).   Rough hewn bridges crossed a number of fast flowing creeks, the trail zig-zagged up through the giant redwoods and then led you back down through a fern grotto.  

What a treat.  We are so grateful to the people who had the passion and foresight to save these magnificent trees.

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