Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Francisco Heat

IMG_0594DSCN0226Cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf,  Ghiradelli Square,  Pier 39, Union Square, the Market/Ferry Building and 100 degrees.  Lots of sights, great time people watching, but way too hot.  We thought we would escape the heat in Napa Valley by seeing San Francisco today.  It was supposed to be 15 – 20 degrees cooler there.  It was not—it was hot.   

IMG_0587IMG_0577We left the ferry terminal at 9:45 a.m. from Vallejo (only 14 miles from our RV Park) for our boat ride to downtown San Francisco.  (Picture on the left is the Vallejo Ferry Terminal.)  This a great way to travel downtown with no traffic or parking hassle.  It is a relaxing hour ride with the added bonus of sailing by Alcatraz Island and a picture perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge.   The bridge is usually shrouded in fog.  


Although, I have been to San Francisco on business on number of occasions, it has been 40+ years since I was here on vacation with my folks and enjoyed all the tourist attractions.  A lot has changed.  An incredible amount of people visit this city and we witnessed the volume today—mind boggling.  The cable car ride back then involved the conductor joking with the passengers and pointing out the sights.  Not today, but it is still a thrill to ride up and down the steep hills.

And let us not forget (or maybe we should) two butt-naked guys in front of the terminal building.  They were protesting something, but I did not pause to look.  They were not young and buff, if you know what I mean.  Welcome to San Fran!  You gotta' love it.

The weather will begin to cool down by this Thursday (thank you).  We went from mid-60 degrees on Sunday (Humboldt State Park) to 110 degrees (in Napa) today—what a jolt!  Tomorrow, we are planning to take the Wine Train through the valley in an air-conditioned rail car.


  1. We did that same trip (Napa to the Vallejo ferry to SF and back) a couple of years ago. Our ferry was full of locals heading to a baseball game in S.F. - fun! We had great weather that day. Thanks for the memory.

    Safe travels!

  2. Actually, I got the idea from your blog, Laurie! It was a perfect way to avoid the SF traffic.


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