Friday, August 6, 2010

Redwood Racing Stripe

IMG_0488We drove north 20 miles to Crescent City and another 10 miles east to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  Our goal was the 17-mile unpaved route through more towering old-growth redwoods.   This road winds around the large redwoods, probably in an attempt to preserve as many trees as possible.  It does make navigating  in a large 1-ton truck a little tricky, but the pay-back for viewing groves of redwoods was well worth the trip.  Today’s joke was we may come back with a redwood racing stripe down the side of the truck.

IMG_0479We stopped at the Stout Grove trail and took a short hike.  Seriously, these trees are monsters.   The trail winds through the trees standing and fallen.   Since this state park is back from the coast a bit, the temperature was much warmer and no fog.  Nice for hiking. 

For such a remote location and rough road, it was surprising to see the large number of people hiking and driving through.   This was a single lane road with occasional turn-outs.  With so many on the road, it made for some interesting driving.

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