Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Groceries and Whiskey

I did a double-take at Safeway in Crescent City, California today when I saw a bottles of whiskey, rum and tequila in aisle 12.  I forgot Washington and Oregon are on the short list for state-controlled distilled spirits in the United States and the remaining states simply retail from your local grocer.  After living in Washington State and buying at state run liquor stores for so many years, it seems odd to pick up a gallon of Bacardi Rum along with your produce.  One stop shopping—what a concept.   I like it.  And, it has been a while since we shopped at a large grocery with lots of choices in all food categories.  We actually had fun buying our weekly stash of eats today…IMG_0455

The visitor center for the Redwood National and State Park is located in Crescent City where we stopped to gather maps and  get our National Park Passport stamp.  They also carried a variety of adjustable canvas ball caps with a tasteful Redwood Park design, and I’ve been looking for one to wear on windy days.  Nothing more irritating than having hair in your eyes.   No doubt, you’ll be seeing that green cap in future pictures.

A quick drive-by of the lighthouse at Crescent City, and we headed back home to our RV Park in Klamath, California about 20 miles south of Crescent City.  We’re set to BBQ chicken, cook up fresh corn on the cob and drink a little vino.
I’ll have to describe our new RV Park soon—Camper Corral RV Park.  We love it!  Roomy. Quiet. Friendly.  Laid-Back.

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