Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Fishes!

Splat! We were crackin' and eatin' crab this evening so fast and furious that the shell and chucks of crab meat were a-flyin'.  (Seriously, it was in MY HAIR!)  Fresh crab from Tillamook Bay purchased this morning from The Garibaldi Cannery paired up with Nehalem Bay chardonnay wine--oh yeah!  It was hard to pick what we wanted at the place; they had oysters, halibut cheeks, smoked salmon, but it was the huge display of crab, yelling pick me!  The place is your typical fresh seafood store on the wharf--small, old...with an autographed picture of Steve Martin.  Wait! Steve Martin!  No, it wasn't original, but it was perfect.  Remember his poster signed, "Best Fishes" with a fresh fish poking out of his suit -- how funny. 

The Blue Heron French Cheese store located in Tillamook has all kinds of tasty cheeses, wine, mustards, jams, and candy.  We picked up a jar of champagne/sweet mustard, dill seasoning dip (for our salmon), and some Blue Heron Brie.  Before the crab frenzy, we had the brie cheese with slices of apple.  So good! 

Blue Heron also has a petting farm with small donkeys.  They look just like "Donkey" from the Shrek movies.  So cute.

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