Thursday, June 10, 2010

You've Got Mail

Modern nomads can have a few extra challenges, especially with mail delivery.  Fortunately, there are a number of mail forwarding services that are very flexible about when and where they forward your mail.  We chose the Escapees Mail Service out of Livingston, Texas.  You establish your new mailing address with them, call them when you want your mail and have it sent to your location's post office (your name, c/o general delivery, and town).  Cool, huh?  We stopped by the Astoria post office today to verify they accept general delivery, they do.

Based on a friend's recommendation (thanks, Kathy), we had lunch today at the Ship Inn on the waterfront just off of 3rd street.  The best fish and chips.  The breading on the fish was light and crispy; the fish cooked to perfection.  Every seat in the restaurant has a view of the Columbia River, the Astoria bridge,the deep green forest on the Washington State side of the river, and the fishing boats waiting to hook onto the "big one".

Yesterday and today was rainy and a bit windy, but tomorrow the weather gets better and predicted to be sunny and perfect next week.   Looking forward to a hike on Saturday, golf next week, and a number of outdoor activities before we leave the area.

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