Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cannon Beach Rocks!

Love, love, love, Cannon Beach.  When you pull into town, right away, you are stunned by the size of Haystack Rock along with other impressive rock formations down the beach..  The town is the quintessential seaside resort with weathered gray cedar siding and white trim on every residential and commerical building.  Fun, primary colored adirondack chairs are found on every restarant, hotel, and home deck and patio.  Add to the mix that the sun was shining and everyone was having fun. 

Today, was the Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest 2010.  People watching was as much fun as watching the sandcastle sculptures emerging from hard packed sand.  These guys are serious about their sand.  They worked for hours on their selected theme--castles, cats, buddhas, octopussies (is that a word?).  We got exhausted just watching!

We had lunch on the street-side seating of the Cannon Beach Cafe; and ended up chatting with a couple from Portland for an hour there.  They had all kinds of tips for things to see on the Oregon Coast.  Don't you just love it when everyone is relaxed and having a good time?

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  1. Few days ago only I came back from there. I was amazed to see such a beautiful place.It was my first time going to the Oregon Coast and had a best weekend over there.

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