Monday, June 14, 2010

Gathering Our Nuts

Several years ago, we purchased an audio book, "Younger Next Year" ( and it changed the way we looked at exercising and eating right.  I can't say that we have been following the book's advice consistently over the years; it seemed making a living and other commitments always got in the way.  Now that we're retired, no more excuses. There are two basic rules (1) exercise an hour every day (the book says it's a primitive need, something to do with gathering nuts or hunting) and (2) stop eating crap.

With such spectacular places to hike every where we stay, the exercise is something we look forward to every day; but eating right has been a challenge.  We're working on that.

Fort Stevens State Park has an extensive system of biking/hiking trails throughout park.  Today, we hiked for an hour through the park woods on wide asphalt paths.  The weather can be windy on the beach or in town, but you take this path through the dense forest of cedar, ferns and deciduous trees and your environment is suddenly very...still and quiet.  Along the way, a deer came out from a side trail not five feet ahead of us--never heard her coming.  There have been cougar warnings in the area; so I either walk in front of Mike or by his side.  No need to intentionally chum for them.

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