Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recreational Equipment, Inc.- a.k.a. - REI

Today, we drove to Hillsboro, Oregon to shop at their large REI store.  We were in the market for a hand-held GPS (for hiking and geocaching), a small pair of binoculars, another daypack and socks.  The trip was a success!  (Note:  The picture was copied from the Hillsboro, Oregon REI website, but the weather and storefront were exactly as we saw it today.)

We now have an amazing hand-held GPS that is setup for hiking AND geocaching AND a digital camera (for documenting that you did, indeed, find the geocach prize).  The GPS has topographical maps, accurate distances, and we are going to use the heck out of it!  Add a cute little waterproof binocular and we're ready to go hiking again, in style.

We needed (okay, we wanted) another daypack with outside pockets; and now, we each have a pack to split the load.  One person carrying all the rain gear, water, etc. is hardly fair. 

Ever worn a pair of SmartWool socks?  They are wonderful.  If you know my past and the challenges I seem to have with shoes and socks, you'll know I am somewhat blister prone.  However...I have never had a blister when I wear the SmartWool sock.  This is the new wool that you can wash, and they are so soft -- pricey, but worth it.

The drive through the upper Willamette Valley to get to Hillsboro was also a treat.  All around, a good day -- a little dent in the pocketbook -- but a good day.

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  1. Mike and Terry, Just found your blog through some other folks at RV Dreams and am reading from the beginning. What GPS did you get that you love so much? I want to get one for hiking and caching too but would love a recommendation.


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