Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hang Ten

Hang gliding or paragliding looks like the ultimate high and there are a number of "jump" zones for the sport in this area.  Personally, I don't have the nerve to launch myself off some of these cliffs around here.  When we stopped at a viewpoint on our way to Cape Lookout and Pacific City, we found a popular hang gliding spot and a memorial to a well-known glider, Dick Gammon.  No one gliding today, but take a look at YouTube for a number of videos taken at this launch. 
Pretty incredible.

Pacific City has a large rock named Haystack Rock; yep, just like Cannon Beach (in fact, there is another Haystack Rock in Bandon, Oregon, too).  We stopped for a bit to watch the surfers.  Surfing the cold Pacific is not my cup of tea. 

This little town is also known for its Dory fleet.  We saw a dory boat pulling out, but we really wished we could have caught sight of one going out through the surf.  Maybe another time.

Not an exciting day, but pleasant.  Summer is such an awesome time for the beach. 

Oh, and I kicked Mike's butt at cribbage this evening.  It's about time!

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