Thursday, June 3, 2010

She Sells Seashells by the Seaside

That's right, Seaside, Oregon. The oldest seaside resort in Oregon. Today, we walked the boardwalk, through the gift shops, and by the Necanicum river. Seaside has a large beach, great for kite flying (I didn't see any today, but I love the Nemo fish kites) with a view of Tillamook Head, but I think the interior river three blocks from the beach is just as wonderful. The little town of Seaside invested in wide walkways (wooden and asphalt) and plantings along this river. A path less traveled.

Not only did we buy local huckleberry jam at one of the kitchen gift shops, but we also stopped at a glass blowing studio at Gearhart, Oregon. Their main attraction is a water glass that looks like a fish--John Cook Studios. They can also make the fish glass into a hanging downlight. Unique and fun. A feature to consider for our next home (also perfect for my sister's home--hint, hint).

We cooked up cod with lemon on the BarBQ, fresh snap peas, and toasted pine nut couscous tonight with a nice glass of Oregon Willamette Valley chardonnay (Cooper Mountain). Great to have the time to buy and cook fresh now. Astoria has a Farmers' Market every Sunday. Looking forward to buying something fresh from the local farms.

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