Saturday, June 26, 2010


When you live full-time in your RV, there is no room for extra "stuff".  So, when you shop it is either for food or you are replacing something (and it is important to toss the thing that you are replacing) or it is some wiz-bang electronic gadget that will make your life a little easier on the road.  We've found that most of our shopping has centered around food (consumables); and fortunately, it has been all about healthy food like fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish.  Tillamook has a small farmers market every Saturday; and during the month of June, we're talking about strawberries, cherries, asparagus, and onions. 

We purchased cherries, strawberries, leeks, and kalamati olive bread.  You just can't compare local fresh to the pithy fruit bought at the grocery store.  The strawberries were cut up and sugared for dessert tonight, and the cherries were quickly eaten this afternoon.  Sweet!

At one of these farmers markets, I'm going to break down and buy some flowers.  Every farmers market seems to have a booth and they are so beautiful.

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