Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Bye, Lewis and Clark

Our three-week stay at the Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park is ending; tomorrow morning we leave for Netarts Bay RV Park located about 60 miles south of Astoria, Oregon.  The Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park was just what we were hoping for when we arrived on June 1, 2010; quiet, safe, and a beautiful view.
The golf course was, well, it needed to be developed a bit more (but remember, it only costs $10 to play!).  Normally, it takes a groundskeeper and several employees to mow and maintain the greens at a golf course. If you throw in a small RV park, add another couple helpers to mow, weed and keep the place clean. Only two dedicated owners at the Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park maintain the bucolic golf course view and the tidy, level lots for your RV. They are particular about the care and feeding of this place and it shows. This determined couple are trying to build their golf course and RV Park into a thriving business.

The land was formerly their farm and they have now converted it into a “Big Rig” friendly RV Park with a central location in the northwest tip of Oregon State. The park is slowly building with a thoughtful and quality approach; adding restroom/shower facilities, on-location Laundromat, and a small store. No, all the special amenities such as a pool, hot tub, and clubhouse aren’t found here; but instead you get a quiet, clean, safe and beautiful location to relax, and a convenient launching pad to explore all the interesting sights, activities, and great restaurants in the area.  If you read our blog from June 1 through June 19, you can get an idea of the things to do and see--only some unseasonable rain held us back for a few days.

Our PC Gnome says "keep on truckin'".


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