Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golf Fix

Mike occasionally needs a game of golf and yesterday afternoon the skies cleared and the wind was just a breeze--an omen for a good game of golf.  Not too far from our RV park in the little town of Gearhart, Oregon, you'll find The Highlands.  It is a 9 hole golf course meandering through the coastal dunes, nicely kept greens, and a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and Tillamook Head.  Just by chance, it was $10 Tuesday with all the golf you want to play.  Mike played with a few locals for 18 holes.  The Highlands is also the home of, where they claim you will find the lowest prices on golf equipment in the United States.

Tuesday became a reading binge for me while Mike was playing golf.  If you need a great read, try "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," by Stieg Larsson.  Not only is it a suspenseful crime novel, but you also get a glimpse of Swedish politics and culture.  This is the first of a three book series by Stieg Larsson

A dilemma for us on the road was finding a good barber for Mike.  It is so easy to get a bad haircut, and he has been spoiled the last 25 years by a great stylist, Ann Ketchum at Sirs & Hers.  Fortunately, the folks he golfed with recommended Jennifer's Barber Shop in Gearhart.  He got a great haircut today and he is good to-go for another six to eight weeks.

So far, all the stars are lining up!

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